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Wind instruments

I make wind instruments out of wood and bamboo. Here are just some of the types of them.

Bansuri flute


The bansuri flute is one of the most popular instruments in Indian traditional music. The best flutes are made from a special material - Assamese bamboo, which grows only in some Indian States (including Assam, for which it got its name). Assamese bamboo has very long internodes, so flutes from it do not have knees. Also, this bamboo has quite thin walls, which creates a special responsiveness of the flute.

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Other types of bamboo flutes

Acxept bansuri, I make other types of bamboo flutes - Shakuhachi, Ken, Xiao, love flute.
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I make pipes and whistles in several keys - high C and D, Low F and G. Later I can do it in others. The appearance of the instrument can be adapted to the tradition - Russian pipe, medieval longitudinal flute, Irish whistle. Design to choose from-both minimalistic and more elegant. It is also possible to make a chromatic pipe or snuffle. Available material-maple, ash, hornbeam.

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Wooden cross flutes with six playing holes have been known since the early middle Ages. Cross flutes are made in different keys (in the photo - G and G-sharp). Flutes collapsible, from two parts. Well suited for performance early and ethnic music.

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Zhaleyka - Russian hornpipe


Zhaleyka is a traditional Slavic instrument belonging to the group of a reed. The principle of extracting sound : the vibration of the tongue buzzer, which drives a column of air, enclosed in the barrel of the instrument and the bell. Mouthpiece comes to fluctuations in the supply air jet in the game up. Sound of zhaleyka is loud, a bit nasal, vaguely reminiscent of a clarinet. The bell can be made of cow horn (the sound is louder and sharper) or wood (the sound is softer and quieter). Pishchik (mouthpiece) - made of reeds or ebonite with a cane made of plastic or textolite . It is possible to manufacture in different keys and sound orders.

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