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The workshop is located in Rostov-on-don (Russia). Instruments are shipped around the world at the expense of the customer.

You can order an instrument or ask questions at: ekanath@list.ru

You can see the instruments in progress in my Instagram

How is the order processing and further procedure.

You contact me in a way that is convenient for you. Tell us which instrument you would like to order with more details (beaker, number of strings, desired material, appearance, tonality, etc.). After all the details are clarified I can calculate the exact cost tool's. For string instruments, I ask you to send an advance payment of 20-25%. The presence of a small prepayment significantly speeds up the workflow. Terms of production of wind instruments are from one to three weeks. Stringed instruments are made from one and a half to three months, sometimes longer, depending on the difficulty.
After the work is ready, I send you a video with audio samples. If the sound and appearance of the instrument suits you, send the rest the cost of the instrument and the funds for shipment. I make a reliable package and send it in a convenient way for you.

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