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Welcome to the website of the workshop " Lute and flute"

I'm Dmitry Ivanov. Musician multi-instrumentalist, researcher of music of different times and peoples. Since 2012 I make wind musical instruments - several types of bamboo flutes (bansuri, shakuachi, ken), wooden flutes-Traverso, pipe, zhaleyka and others. Since 2016, I have been mastering the production of stringed instruments. Aimed at the creation of historic instruments, characteristic of ancient and ethnic music, and not against experimentation.
My instrumentss are not exact copies of specific historical samples, however I try to follow the principles of creation instruments peculiar to this historical period and region. Many works I do as a 15th century master could do. I use a minimum of the electric tool, many works are made manually. Each instrument has its own unique features, filled with special energy.
I try to feel the desire of the customer and each approach individually. My instruments are played by musicians in different cities of Russia and beyond. Since I am a musician myself, I like good musical instruments. So I'm constantly working on quality. I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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