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And here I will tell you about the music that I played at different times

My music lessons began in my Teens, in the early 90's. I learned to play the guitar with an eye on the, that I would become a rock musician. In 1995 I got an electric guitar and an interest in performing heavy music.

Since 1996, I've been a member of a death metal band. Gradually the direction of the music becomes more melodic, and the performance is more technical and diverse. We experimented with sound, tried to introduce classical instruments.
The group bore the proud name " Revelation".
There are no records of that time.

In the photo on the left you can see me at the age of 18))

By 2000, our experiments with sound had led us to complete acoustics. In the group except for the typical rock music instruments were flute, viola, sometimes others. We began to actively use elements of ancient and ethnic music.
The father of our flutist was a specialist in the field of early music. And at some point in time, almost all of our group came in as part of his ensemble. We played music from the late middle Ages to the early Baroque. We didn't have any historical tools at that time, then they were very difficult to access. We used the usual block flutes, violin, viola and guitar.

The photo on the right shows a rehearsal of our band in 2000.

After a long break, associated with the study of our "academic" musicians, in the mid-00s we resumed our activity the band also recorded an album in 2006, which stylistically became something between our heavy music and an acoustic version.

in our abandoned Vkontakte group, you can still listen to recordings made in 2004-2008. And even a little restored records 2000. Go >>>>

In 2010, I wanted to create an ensemble of ancient music. But the search for musicians led to the fact that I became a member folk-groups, which in including performed medieval and Renaissance melodies in modern sounding. With my filing in the repertoire of the group such melody began to appear even more often. At the same time, I become more familiar with Celtic music culture, play the mandolin, various flutes, he began to learn the violin.
Here you can see a fragment of the performance of our folk band

Now the band is called Green Flames. You can get to know her better on the page Vkontakte >>>>

Back in the early 2000s, I began to be interested in Indian traditional music and Vedic culture in General. But in 2011 I wanted to seriously master Indian music and musical instruments. I get a sitar, a tabla, and I try to make a bansuri.
Actually, my instrument-making started with the fact that I wanted to have a good bamboo flute, but those flutes that I came across, did not answer my requests.

In 2012, I created a group of Indian students and for some time we successfully gave concerts.
Here you can see a fragment of our first performance

Since 2014, I have been trying to organize a medieval music ensemble in Rostov. With varying degrees of success, played with different musicians, but as a rule, they did not stay long. In 2015, I met a Piper who also wanted to play medieval music. We started playing together. But, as it turned out, there is a kind of substitution of concepts, and medieval music is often called that, which has very little to do with it. Anyway, the bagpipe project was expected to be successful and I still take part in it.

Page of group Vargaria Vkontakte

In 2016, my ensemble became more tangible. There were regular participants, the repertoire was worked out, the understanding came the concept of sound. Since then, we have been performing as Ensemble Miraculum.
Most of the instruments that sound in the ensemble are made by me. Of my instruments, Miraculum uses a lute, viel, psaltery, and several flutes.

Page of Ensemble Miraculum Vkontakte

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